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Improving Writing Skills at the Sentence Level

  Getting kids to improve their own compositions can be difficult, maybe because they sometimes don’t know where to start.  If your kids could use some review of writing interesting sentences or revising at the sentence level, here are a few ideas.   How about working with one part of speech at a time.  Give […]

Women’s History Month Biographies

  Women’s History Month is a great time for biographies, especially now that there is lots of great informational text about women leaders available in all subject areas – Literature, Science, Math, History, Art, and on and on!  Maybe this would be a good month to have students choose a few of these people that […]

Incorporating Parts of Speech into Writing and Revising Lessons

  How to teach parts of speech within a writing/revising lesson – How to teach writing/revising using the parts of speech – Read about lesson ideas for incorporating these two important language arts skills  into some interesting and engaging lessons in this guest post at TiePlay Education.   Have ideas to add?  I’d love to […]

Revising and Expanding Sentences

  I’ve just finished a major revision and update of my Expanding and Revising Sentences presentation, and so I wanted to share some of the contents.  In addition to revising the existing content and adding new clip art, I’ve added lots of new content as well.  I’ve added sections about combining sentences with coordinating conjunctions […]

Introducing Vivid Verbs with Favorite Picture Books

  Continuing with my ideas for using picture books to introduce various language arts topics, I’ve been looking over some more books for good examples of writing with vivid verbs. And as always, the picture books didn’t disappoint!  I’ll just mention two that have really good examples, Animal Poems by Valerie Worth and Gorky Rises […]

Teach the Final Step of the Writing Process with a Fun Picture Book

  The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales, by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith, is a funny picture book in which the characters interrupt the stories by arguing about their writing and publishing problems.  This side story is all about that final step of the writing process – publishing.   The main stories, the […]

Inauguration Writing Prompts and Discussion Questions

  With the inauguration of the next president quickly approaching and many teachers planning patriotic lessons of one kind or another, I would like to offer a few writing prompts (or discussion questions) for the occasion.  These prompts are each based on a quote from President Obama’s farewell address to the country.   Quotes about […]

Task Cards for Background Writing Skills

  As important as it is for kids to write and write some more, sometimes you also want them to practice their background skills so that they can incorporate them in their writing more fluently.  Kids can always use more practice on skills like working with parts of speech and using the mechanics or writing […]

Writing Prompts Based on Quotes (Free)

  Here are some illustrated writing prompts based on quotes on a variety of topics.  These are prompts that were previously posted individually on this website – maybe they’ll be more useful all in one place.  Also see my recently posted collections of narrative, informational, and opinion prompts (all in the Story Starter section of […]

Informative, Explanatory, and Descriptive Writing Prompts (Free)

    Here are my  informative,  explanatory, and descriptive prompts from previous posts, as promised!  The prompts are all designed with middle grade kids in mind.   The selections include compare and contrast, create a design, and how-tos.     Informative, Explanatory, and Descriptive Prompts   Deadly Storms Compare a hurricane and a blizzard.  How are they […]

Opinion Argument Writing Prompts (Free)

    Here are the opinion, argument, or persuasive prompts that I’ve posted individually at one time or another,  all combined into one handy post now!  The prompts are all designed with middle grade kids in mind.   In addition to writing essays, the topics include creating a flyer and writing dialog.  Hope you find some of these […]

Spring Writing Prompts

    “I can’t think of anything to write about!” We’ve all had students who use this as their go-to response whenever it’s time to do a little writing, and at this time of year, maybe it does seem like they’ve used up all of their best ideas.  As spring arrives, maybe teachers can even […]

Narrative Writing Prompts (Free)

    I’ve collected all the miscellaneous narrative prompts that I’ve posted here and combined them all into this one post, hopefully to make them more useful.  There are both fiction and non-fiction narrative prompts here.  Hope you find some of these free prompts useful for your classes!   Narrative Prompts – Fiction   Message […]

Writing Prompts for Snowy Days

Could you use a few writing prompts for your students’ journals, maybe for when you go back after a snow holiday?  Here are a couple of ideas for this frosty time of year.       Snow Scene Describe how the view around your home changes when there is a big snowfall.  Write about what […]

Now That You’re Back in School . . .

A Compare and Contrast Writing Prompt     Now that you’re back in school . . . • What is different from last year? • What is the same? • What do you plan to do differently this year? • What do you plan to do the same?  

Planning to Write with Story Dice

    These story dice look like a fun resource for introducing narrative writing.  The set that I’m looking at here are called StoryTime Dice, and they’re from Imagination Generation, but there are a number of different choices from various companies.  This set had dice for: • heroes •villains •settings •vehicles •tools •obstacles •and prizes […]

Narrative, Informative, and Opinion Prompts

This summer, I’ve completely redone my writing prompt resources.  Parts of my former writing prompt PowerPoints are now combined into one, Narrative Writing Prompts.  Two new writing prompt resources, Informative/Explanatory Writing Prompts and Opinion/ Argument Writing Prompts are now completed also.   Each PowerPoint includes 25 prompts, each on an individual slide with student directions. […]

Persuasive Prompt with a Fun Finish

    For an end-of-the-year writing assignment with a fun follow-up, try this persuasive writing activity.   Step 1  – Divide into Groups Tell the class that it’s time to review some vocabulary from this year, but that you can’t decide which type of review game to play – hangman (or whatever less-violent name you […]

Picture Prompts Guest Post

  Check out my guest post on One Stop Teacher Shop.  It’s all about ways to use pictures to get kids motivated to write – ideas for using your own  photos, picture books, and photos from news sources.  See suggestions for ways to use these pictures to get kid started writing narrative, informational, and persuasive […]

Memorial Day Writing Prompts

Memorial Day honors United States’ soldiers who died while serving their country in war.  It was first celebrated after the Civil War when it was known as Decoration Day.  Today people celebrate with many different activities including parades, ceremonies, and family picnics.     Write about Memorial Day using one of these prompts:  Write about […]