Parts of Speech Charts


Since I’ve been working on some new resources for using parts of speech lately, I thought it might be a good time to post a couple of anchor charts.  I made two different charts – both define the parts of speech but one includes a little more information and the other includes fill-in-the-blank sentences as examples of each part of speech to make the charts interactive.  You can download a pdf with both free charts here: parts-of-speech-charts.

These are one-page charts that would be great in student notebooks or could also be posted in the room as a handy little reminder for the kids who forget what one or the other part of speech actually is!


parts-of-speech-anchor-chart 2

You can see all of my Grammar and Parts of Speech Resources at my Teachers Pay Teachers Store, including my newest ones – a set of practice activities for not only identifying the parts of speech, but mainly using then in a variety of ways in students’ writing and a somewhat more challenging set of activities about revising sentences using the parts of speech.

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