Free Proofreading Chart

Proofreading Chart

Free Proofreading Chart


Here is a free chart of proofreading rules.  It includes basic rules for run-on sentences and fragments, grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling – the rules that middle school and upper elementary kids need to check for repeatedly.


Download a copy below and post it on your classroom wall or make a copy for each kid to keep handy in his or her writing notebook.  (Because you can’t have too many reminders of things like making pronouns agree with their antecedent, and punctuating quotations correctly!)


If you could use additional resources for teaching the writing process, check out the Writing Process and Prompts section of my store. There you will find task cards, slide presentations, and activity sheets for practice proofreading and with all the steps of the writing process.



Proofreading Chart


Download the free chart here:  Proofreading Chart


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