Revising- Quick Practice on Specific Skills

Revising - Quick Practice on Specific Skills

To follow up on my last-week’s post about teaching kids to revise, here is some more specific information about  my revising resources designed especially for quick practices on specific revising skills.

Revising Task Cards 

Revising Task Cards is a set of 30 large task cards, with plenty of content on each card for a middle grade student, that provides individual practice on these revising skills:

Removing unnecessary words
Adding details
Replacing common words
Using pronouns to replace nouns
Changing word order
Changing tense or point of view
Using active instead of passive voice
Using direct quotes
Adding figurative language

Revising Task Cards

Revising Task Card samples

Sentence Renovation

Sentence Renovation – This set includes twelve activities for revising sentences by using modifiers, vivid vocabulary, phrases, and clauses. The activities include expanding, revising, and writing sentences and paragraphs by adding or replacing specific parts of speech, prepositional phrases, independent clauses, dependent clauses, and figurative language. Fun activities include a picture prompt activity, a “refrigerator magnet” activity, and quiz game questions.

Sentence Renovation

Sentence Renovation - Sample pages

Revise and Proofread Worksheet Set

This Revise and Proofread Worksheet Set consists of fifteen worksheets and addresses these revising topics:

adding descriptive words
omitting unnecessary words
adding dialog
revising to change tense

and these proofreading topics:

comma splices
run-on sentences
choosing the correct homophone
writing dialog

revising and Proofreading WS Set

Revise and Proofread Worksheet Set - sample pages

Four Seasons Revise and Edit

Four Seasons Revise and Edit provides practice with a large number of specific revising and editing (or proofreading) skills. There are eleven student activity sheets and four group activities. The theme of the content is fun activities for the four seasons.

Four Seasons Revise and Edit

Four Seasons Revise and Proof - Slide 3     Four Seasons Revise and Proof - Slide 4

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