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Sticky Note Group Organizer 2

Sticky Note Group Organizers

Isn’t it funny how something as simple as a pad of sticky notes can make a lesson more interesting?  One minute it’s a struggle to get the kids interested in the topic at hand, and the next minute they’re alert and into the lesson.  Why?  Because they’ve spotted the sticky notes!   Take a lesson […]

Presidential Activities and a Real Debate for Middle Graders

  Today I just wanted to pass on some great little free resources for election season that I found on PBS Learning Media.  They include videos and student activities about each of the presidents.   The video series, called 60-Second Presidents, is a collection of videos that each highlight the events of the presidency and […]

So What’s in the Public Domain Treasure Chest Opened in 2019?

  If you’re one of those educators who love to use public domain materials in your lessons, then you most likely already know that a whole treasure trove of new books, movies, images, sheet music, and more were released into the public domain on January 1 of this year, 2019.   This was a big […]

Task Cards - So Many uses in the Language Arts Classroom

Task Cards – So Many Uses in the Language Arts Classroom

  Task cards – language arts teachers love them, and so do students. You only have to copy them once and they’re ready to use over and over.  And the best part is that there are so many different uses for task cards – from the variety of task card activities to the variety of […]

TPT for Schools

Check Out TPT for Schools

  Teachers Pay Teachers for schools is here, and it brings with it great advantages for teachers, especially those who have been either using TPT with their own money or putting together lists of TPT items in hopes of interesting their administrators in buying them! (It also has some really nice advantages for schools as […]

What is Classroominthe Middle

What Is Classroom in the Middle?

  What is Classroom in the Middle?  Classroom in the Middle is a blog and a store all about language arts resources for middle school and upper elementary.  In the blog, you’ll find a big (and growing) collection of teaching ideas and activities, along with freebies that you can download at any time, for English teachers […]

Making Your Language Arts Classroom Their Language Arts Classroom

Making Your Language Arts Classroom Their Language Arts Classroom

  Kids love a classroom that’s personalized with photos of themselves and name banners, but in the Language Arts classroom, you can take it a step further and really uses those beginning of the year days to help kids make your classroom their own personal reading and writing space.   As kids complete personal writings, […]

Middle School Blog List by Subject Area

Looking for MIDDLE SCHOOL Blogs?

  Whether you want blogs to read, classroom activities to try, or teaching materials to use, looking for resources designed specifically for middle school can be frustrating.  Either the look is really cute and young (and you know that’s not middle school!)  or it’s labeled secondary but what it really means is high school.   […]

More No-Copy Foldables

  To add to last-weeks post, here are a few more especially easy foldables that you can do without prep using only pain paper and sticky notes.   Plain Paper Foldables These two foldables are super easy to make and require just one sheet of plain paper each.   Four Corners Foldable – Start by […]

No-Copy Foldables

  Foldables are great, but sometimes they can get to be a bit much what with different ones to print and copy for every new lesson.  Sometimes it’s just nice to have a simple, no fuss plan for the day.  But that doesn’t mean you have to give up on foldables.  Just switch to some […]

Middle School Blog Log

  To go straight to the source – go to Middle School Blog Log!  This post at 2 Peas and a Dog lists links to great blogs written just for middle school teachers.  And even better, this blog log is organized by subject area so you won’t waste your time narrowing down your search to just […]

Response Cards May be Just the Ticket

  You want all of your students engaged in the lesson – even when you don’t want a high-movement activity with lots of group interaction.  So what do you do?  For times like these, response cards may be just the ticket!   There are many types of high response cards that can easily be incorporated […]

What They Really Really Want – Rewards for Middle Grade Kids

    Sooner or later it happens.  Your middle grade kids hit that age where they are no longer interested in the “prize box”.  The girls decide that they’re watching their weight and no longer want candy.  And sometimes you just need those little rewards to get your kids motivated in the right direction!  What […]

Using Task Cards in Interactive Notebooks

  Task cards don’t always need to be laminated and saved to use over and over for class activities.  In fact, task have so many uses, and I keep finding more!    Because of their small size, task cards are great to print for students to paste in their interactive notebooks as examples.  You are […]

Task Cards Designed for the Middle Grades, Including a FREEBIE

    These task cards are all designed specifically for the middle grades – four through seven.  There is more content per card than on the typical elementary school task cards, so kids still get to move around when you’re doing an activity, but they also will spend a few more minutes on each card […]

Using Task Cards for Whole Class, Small Group, and Individual Lessons

    The more I read about task cards  (and the more pins I save on my Task Cards Pinterest board), The more uses I find for them!  Task cards can be used for whole class activities, small groups, and individual quiet work in a variety of ways.  Here are some of them.   Whole […]

Getting into Informational Text

Today, I’m writing about teaching with informational texts over at Student Savvy.   The post is all about focusing on text structures and text features and also about ideas for doing some close reading. (And a FREEBIE!) See the post here.  Thank you to Suzy at Student Savvy for the opportunity to blog there!

Fun Research Presentations

Kids may have to do research to meet their grade level standards, but sometimes they are not required to use the results to write a research paper.  If they don’t need to write a paper, what can you have your students do to present the information from all of those note cards?     Here […]

Books for Buddies

  To generate interest in selecting new books, or to introduce kids to your classroom library in the beginning of the year, try having each student choose books for a partner.  Explain to the kids that, in order to choose interesting books for their partner, they will need to know something about their partner’s interests […]

Task Cards – A Versatile Resource

Task cards come in handy in so many situations!  It’s great to have a few sets standing by to pull out of your desk drawer at a moments notice, and of course they are also a part of many planned, interactive lesson components.   Some task cards have a very brief assignment, maybe just one […]