Fun Research Presentations

Kids may have to do research to meet their grade level standards, but sometimes they are not required to use the results to write a research paper.  If they don’t need to write a paper, what can you have your students do to present the information from all of those note cards?

Fun ways for kids to present their research findings, from Classroom in the Middle

Here are a few ideas that should be fun for the kids to create and share:

  • A board game with question cards
  • Flash cards
  • An “I Have . . .Who Has . . .? game
  • A crossword puzzle
  • A word find puzzle with clues
  • A mobile, cube, or other cut-and-paste project
  • A poster
  • A brochure
  • A picture book
  • A filmed or recorded interview
  • A shoebox project
  • A slide show

Write up brief directions for a selection of projects, including choices that appeal to the artistic kids, the kids who love to talk, the academic kids, and the hands on kids.  Include a grading rubric if you like, and you are ready to go.  The kids’ research will be put to good use, and they will have fun creating their own unique projects.

Here is a little poster listing the presentation ideas that could be used as a handy classroom reference.  You can download the PDF here: Fun Ways to Present Research.

Fun Ways for Kids to Present their Research

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  1. Kim says:

    This is such a wonderful list of ideas. We have already had 11 snow days this year. It is going to be a very long June. These creative research projects will be just what I need to keep me from pulling my hair out.