More No-Copy Foldables

More No-Copy Foldables

To add to last-weeks post, here are a few more especially easy foldables that you can do without prep using only pain paper and sticky notes.

Plain Paper Foldables

These two foldables are super easy to make and require just one sheet of plain paper each.

Four Corners Foldable

Four Corners Foldable – Start by cutting the excess length from a sheet of plain paper to make a square.  Then fold the square from corner to corner in both directions.  Unfold it to show the creased lines that cross the center point in an “X”.  Using these creases as guide lines, fold each corner in to the center.  That’s it.  Students can write on the flaps, under them, and even along the sides.


Booklet – Cut a sheet of plain paper into four small rectangles.  Fold them in half, and staple to make a little booklet.  Use to summarize a story or article or for a little project such as end-of-year reflections.

Sticky Note Foldables

These “foldables” aren’t really folded at all.  They’re made right on the student’s notebook page using sticky notes.

Sticky Note Flip-Ups

Sticky Note Flip-Ups – Sticky notes on a notebook page create instant flip-ups.  Students write a topic or question on the sticky note and the additional information or the answer underneath.

Sticky Note Graphic Organizer

Sticky Note Graphic Organizer – Go one step further by organizing and color coding the stickies into a graphic organizer such as this main idea and detail organizer.

Sticky Note Study Buddy

Sticky Note Study Buddy – Using small sticky tabs to cover the vocabulary words in a page of notes, turns a simple list of definitions into a study aid.

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