Pictures of Hollis Woods Novel Study and a Freebie

Pictures of Hollis Woods Novel Study and a Freebie!

Pictures of Hollis Woods Novel Study and a Freebie

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Patricia Reilly Giff’s novel, Pictures of Hollis Woods, and I also thought that it would appeal to a wide variety of middle grade kids.  That’s why I chose it for my most recent novel study.  Since I’ve recently finished writing my final activity, I thought it would be a good time to post about the resources I’ve made for this novel.

Novel Study

Like all of my novel studies now, this one has chapter questions and additional printable activity sheets.  The chapter questions focus on three areas – main ideas and details, vocabulary using context clues, and questions that require the students to make inferences.  These types of questions ask the students to do some close reading and and really focus on the text.

The activity sheets include a before reading activity, writing prompts, and additional activities on identifying main ideas and details, using context clues, and making inferences.  Check out the preview for more details.

Pictures of Hollis Woods Novel Study

I Have . . . Who Has. . ? Game

This card game is now included as part of the novel study!

These little I Have . . . Who Has . . ? card games make great reviews at the end of a novel.  This  one features review questions for Pictures of Hollis Woods.

I Have . . .Who Has . . ? is an interactive activity in which every student in the class participates.  This game consists of 28 question cards, plus 4 blank cards so that you can write in your own questions if you wish.

Pictures of Hollis Woods - I Have Who Has

Scrapbook Activity- The Freebie!

As usual, I’ve included a freebie among my resources for this novel.  With this one, students draw the scene described in each of the “picture” sections of the novel, add a caption to tell what is going on in their picture, and write what each picture tells them about Hollis. Students combine the half-page sheets to form a scrapbook with the cover illustration provided.

It’s a fun way for students to review story events and study the character of Hollis.

Pictures of Hollis Woods Scrapbook Activity FREE

Check out the previews, or just download the freebie! And if you do use these resources, I’d love to hear what you think of them!

Pictures of Hollis Woods Novel Study and a Freebie pin

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  2. So how do I get the freebie books and get the other stuff you are offering?

    • shfabian says:

      The freebie is a classroom activity, not a book – just click on the image of the Scrapbook Activity to download it.