Winter’s Not Over Yet!

The big winter holidays are mostly over, but luckily it’s February which means there are more winter holidays to come!  And in many places, lots more winter too!  So where do you go from here with winter-themed lessons?  Here are some ideas for new activities and topics for the rest of winter.


Winter's Not Over Yet!


Books to Read

How about a novel with a winter setting, or an informational text book about one of the holidays still to come? For example, here is a list from We Are Teachers that I saved in my Pinterest collection: Books for Chinese New Year.  The post also presents activities for this winter holiday, which begins February 8 this year.


Stories to Write

Maybe it’s time for your kids to try their hand at some writing of their own.  This list of winter writing prompts, from Rachel K Tutoring Blog, lists twenty-five ideas, most in a question format.


A Game to Play

This Who Is That? game, from Funbrain, is all about US presidents, perfect for Presidents Day!  There’s also one about famous scientists.


An Art or Craft Project

This Valentine’s Day project, from Art Projects for Kids, looks easy to do, and the appearance should appeal to older kids.


A Treat for Your Kiddos

Hershey kisses and green  paper make these cute little treats for Saint Patrick’s Day.  Directions are included in this post from Qbees Quest.


Winter Themed Resources

My close reading resource, Wild Winter, includes five informational readings with a winter theme. This set of articles includes all of the activities needed for a full three readings of each one.  The five articles are:

1. Meet the Moose

2. The Northern Lights

3. Making a Snowboard

4. Surviving an Avalanche

5. Sled Dog Training

Close Reading - Wild Winter









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