Presenting and Practicing the Text Structures

Presenting and Practicing the Text Structures

I’ve finally finished all of the text structure resources that I’ve been working on!  Here are the details.

I’ve made resources for five text structures:

  • Cause and Effect
  • Chronological Order
  • Compare and Contrast
  • Problem and Solution
  • Description

For each one, there is a set of 30 task cards and a slide presentation.

Each slide presentation includes student activities in addition to the explanation and examples of the structure.  In addition, at the end of each PowerPoint, there is a student notebook page that you can print out ahead of time for the kids to complete as they view the slides.

Each set of task cards has a variety of activities to help students really understand that particular text structure.  Since each text structure is different, the activities vary too, but I’ve tried to include a good variety to keep things interesting and to suit students with various skill levels.

I like the idea of using the slide presentation for introducing, or reviewing, each skill and for some whole class practice.  Then follow up with the task cards for group and individual work.  The cards are also great for a whole-class review game.

This image shows someone at work on the Problem and Solution Cards.

Problem and Solution Task Cards

This one shows a few of the slides from the Chronological Order slide presentation.

Chronological order slide presentation

I’ve also just combined all of the task cards and all of the PowerPoints in one big bundle.  To see previews of all of the individual items that are included, click on the image below.

Text Structure Bundle

text structures bundle

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