Paper snowflake directions

Paper Snowflakes – Easy Directions


Are you thinking of incorporating a little snowflake-making into an activity after the holidays?  Here are simple directions that you can use with most any type of paper.  Any size paper will work, but for kids a sheet of printer paper is a good size.  Start by cutting down the sheet of paper to make it square.  Then have the kids follow these steps.

Step 1

Fold the square of paper in half from corner to corner to make a triangle.


Step 2

Fold the triangle in half again to make a smaller triangle.


Step 3

Fold the triangle in thirds by folding each side in toward the middle from the center point.


Step 4

Cut off the excess paper so that all sides are even.


Step 5

Cut shapes from both long sides.  You can also shape the top edge and cut a small hole at the point, if you wish.


That’s it!  Just unfold carefully to see your creation!


Instead of plain paper, another good choice is coffee filters.  Coffee filters are easy to use; the thinner paper is easy to cut, and the edges are already rounded.  And they make pretty, fragile-looking snowflakes!

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