Media Literacy for Middle Grade Teachers

Media Literacy for Middle Grade Teachers

Media Literacy for Middle Grade Teachers

With media sources being so divided – many favoring either the left or the right in American politics – it’s more important that ever for kids to learn skills that will help them to evaluate their sources.  And for teachers, there is so much to teach – so many things that we want our kids to know on the subject of media literacy.

Recently, I’ve collected my media literacy resources in one location –   a Media Literacy pin board on my Pinterest page.  I’ve pinned ready-to-use resources from my store and posts from my blog, anything I had that I think can be useful to middle school or upper elementary teachers when planning lessons on this topic.  Here are some of the items you’ll find pinned there:


Fake News – What Do Kids Need to Know?

An overview of teaching ideas for this big (and growing) topic.

Fake News - What Do Kids Need to Know?

Freedom of the Press Quote Activities

A blog post with a list of quotes about freedom of the press – very useful for class activities, discussions, or writing prompts.

Freedom of the Press - Quote Activities

Good Inferences, Sound Conclusions

Since media literacy is all about kids’ ability to draw informed conclusions about what they read or see, I’ve added this reading skills pin to this group.  The post includes ideas for teaching inferencing skills plus the free poster shown below that you can download from the post.

Good Inferences, Sound Conclusions

Making Inferences and Drawing Conclusions Anchor Chart


Freedom of the Press Close Reading

A set of five articles and follow-up activities for real close reading lessons.    The article topics include:  1. The First Amendment, 2. Investigative Journalism, 3. Fake News, 4. Newspapers from the Start, 5. What Should a Journalist Do? (Journalism Ethics)

Freedom of the Press close reading

Media Literacy FREE Activities

This free set includes three ready-to-use activity sheets.

Media Literacy Free Activity Sheets

Media Literacy – Finding Real News Among the Fake

A set of activities and readings to teach students to become informed consumers of the news.


Election Mania

Informational text articles and activities give kids factual information about what goes on in an election.

Close Reading - Elections

What else do you think kids especially need to learn about media literacy when they are in the middle grades?  I would love to hear some ideas that I can work on for future posts or resources, so if you have a thought, please do leave it in a comment below.  Thanks!

Media Literacy for Middle Grade Teachers

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