Latin and Greek Roots Activities

Latin and Greek Roots Activities

Latin and Greek Roots Activities

This updated resource now includes 21 activities  plus a large slide presentation for teaching Latin and Greek roots The activities include a game and a set of practice cards. The PowerPoint introduces LOTS of roots, divided into three groups for easier use.

Latin and Greek Roots Package

The Roots Are:

Set 1:  meter-, -bio-, -man-,  -ped-, -photo-, -hydro-, -phon-, -rupt-,

-geo-, -mit-, -mis-, -struct-, -graph-, -gram-, -scope-, -therm-,

-chron-, -terr-, -aqua-, and -sol-

Set 2:  -dem-,  -vid-,  -vis-,  -vit-,  -viv-,  -spec-,  -vert-,  -vers-,  -aud-,

-corp-, -astro-,  -scribe-,  -script-,  -pan-, -jur-,  -jud-,  -jus-,  -voc-,

-vok-,  -tempo-,  -dent-, -dont-,  -capit-,  -capt-,  -liber-,  -luna-,  -polis-

Set 3:   -port-, -fract-, -frag-, -dic-, -ject- , -tract-, -pos-, -posit-, -pend-,

-cede-, -ceed-, -cess-, -bel-, -cred-, -log-, -logue-, -grad-, -gred-,

-gres-, -vac-, -path-, -ignis-, -phobo-, -verb-, -sci-

The three activities for each of these groups are:

  1. Write the Word
  2. Map the Word
  3. Match the Root and Choose the Word

Practice continues with these activities that include a mix of roots from all three sets in the following activities:

1. Using Latin and Greek Roots in Words and Sentences
2. Sorting Words by Their Roots
3. Choose Your Root – Cut and Paste
4. Identifying Latin and Greek Roots
5. Make New Words with Roots and Affixes
6. Identify the Prefix, Suffix, and Root
7. Root Change Up
8. Root Bingo
9. Practice Cards
10.Graffiti Wall of Roots

11. Complete the sentence

12.  Add Up the Words

To make teaching a little bit simpler, a teacher’s list of roots and their meanings is also included, and there are three notebook pages for the students included at the end of the slide presentation.  Students can fill them in as they view the slides.

Here you can see some of the activity sheets, or click on one of the images download the free preview where you can see all of them:

Latin and Greek roots - activity sheets

Latin and Greek roots - activity sheets sample pages

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Latin and Greek Roots Activities

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