Election Season LA Resources

Election Season Language Arts Resources, with Two(!) Freebies

Election Season LA Resources

This election season, I wanted new resources focusing on the media.  Eventually, I had these two – Media Literacy, Finding Real News Among the Fake, and this little free one, Media Literacy Free Activity Sheets.  Then, still in the same frame of mind, I put together one more – another little free resource about election cliches.

Here are the details about all three:

  • Media Literacy, Finding Real News Among the Fake

This set of activity sheets and readings helps prepare students to become informed consumers of the news.  Included are ten activity sheets plus three one-page readings with discussion questions and a follow-up activity for each one.  They might be used with lessons on media literacy, point of view, and persuasive techniques as well as with class discussions of current event topics.

Topics include informed reading essentials such as persuasive vs informative, fake news clues, comparing sources, and how to avoid spreading false news reports.  Here you can see a few of the activity sheets.

Media Literacy Activity Sheets

  • Two Points of View, Media Literacy Free Activity Sheets  (Freebie Number One)

This little set included three free activity sheets each one on a different topic.  The directions for each one ask students to look at the article from a different point of view from the authors and to respond, in writing and with an image, from that point of view.

Media Literacy Free Activities

  • Election Cliches  (Freebie Number Two)

With this free 2-page activity, students define common cliches used by candidates and journalists in an election campaign, revise sentences with these cliches, and write an election-style passage using several of these common expressions.  Working with cliches supports the common core standards regarding idioms.

A fun follow-up to this one might be to have students listen for these cliches, or others, in a current news report.

Election Cliches page 1

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Election Season LA Resources

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