Discussion Topics for SCHOOLED

Discussion Topics for Schooled

After reading a whole-class novel, many teachers like to add follow-up activities such as class discussions, essay writings, posters, or other projects To make the most of these activities, it helps to have some specific topics in mind – topics based on themes addressed in the story, story elements, or events from t he plot.

Since Gordon Korman’s novel SCHOOLED is one of my favorites for middle graders, I thought I would write about some follow-up topics that come to mind for this fun novel with its 60s vibe.


  • Ask students why they think outsiders, such as Capricorn Anderson, are often treated so meanly when they enter a new school.
  • What could be done to make school a more welcoming place for new students?


  • What did Capricorn learn from his time at C Average?
  • What did C Average learn from Capricorn?

Realistic or Not Realistic?

  • Ask students whether they think the situation in Schooled could really happen? Have them explain the reasoning for their answer?
  • Can they think of a similar situation that could actually happen?
  • What are some of the realistic and non-realistic elements in the story?

Two Worlds

  • To compare life on Garland Farm with life at C Average Middle School, have students create a comparison chart that includes categories such as education, friends, clothing, food, etc.
  • Follow up with a discussion or writing assignment about how Capricorn managed to find some common ground between those two very different places.

If  you are looking for a ready-to-use novel study for SCHOOLED, you can preview mine at this link. This novel study includes text based chapter questions, two before-reading activities, three key idea and detail activities, two context clues activities, four inferencing activities, and a review card game. All of the questions and activities are written specifically for this novel.

In my TPT store,  you’ll also find a free printable activity about metaphors in SCHOOLED.  Check it out too!

Materials for SCHOOLED:

Schooled Novel Study

Metaphors in Schooled freebie

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SCHOOLED DiscussionTopics

3 responses to “Discussion Topics for SCHOOLED”

  1. I do love Schooled! C Average Middle School always makes me chuckle!

  2. I totally agree…I think that every book we read to children have with which they can identify and there are so many ways and ideas we can use as you mentioned. I am not familiar with the books, but they sound fun!