Affixes and Roots – Free Anchor Charts

Affixes and Roots classroom Chart

Since I’ve been working an resources for teaching affixes and roots, I thought I would make a quick, free anchor chart to go with them.  Well, somehow it turned into two!

You can see the first one above.  It’s a little chart for the classroom wall; post it on the side wall as a reminder for those students who tend  to forget the details.

The second one, shown below, is a different version of the first – with modifications to make it more useful for students’ notebooks.  Use if for a note taking activity in which students add their own details to the chart by listing words with prefixes, suffixes, and roots.  I would have them circle those word parts as well.  By adding their own words, the kids can choose the ones that will be easily recognizable examples.

An alternate activity might be to give the class an assortment of words to choose from.  This way, it will be easily to check as a class to make sure the notes are 100% correct before adding them to Language Arts notebooks.

Affixes and Roots Student Notebook Chart

You can download a copy of both charts here:  Prefixes, Suffixes, and Roots Chart.

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