The Rio Olympics in Language Arts 2

The Olympic Games that just finished in Rio this summer have provided LOTS of informational text material that can be used in a variety of language arts activities.  Last week in my guest post for Student Savvy, I wrote about the Team USA site and some ideas for English lessons using specific parts of that site.  This week, as promised, I’m  posting ideas about more sources and related LA activities here on my own website.


The Rio Olympics in Language Arts 2


One of my favorite finds was the Rio Mascot site.   It’s a fun site  for kids all about the 2016 Olympic Games mascot, Vinicius, and his sidekick Tom, the mascot of the Paralympic Games.  The “Meet Them” section of the site answers five questions about each character and ends with the character’s “mission statement.”  The 5 questions are:

  • Who am I?
  • How old am I?
  • What is my special power?
  • What else do I like to do?
  • Where do I live?

As a fun beginning of the year activity, kids could design a mascot for their class,  answering the same five questions and writing their own class mission statement for the year.


For general informational text readings, I think kids would enjoy these two articles, both from Tween Tribune:

  1.  What’s Troubling Athletes at the Olympics?  No “Pokemon Go”,
  2. You’re in! Four new sports make the cut for Tokyo Olympics


The Google Olympic Games page has information on a country by country basis, lots of information, and could be used for a fun mini-research project or an information scavenger hunt.  The particular type of information provided varies by countries, but there is plenty to choose from.  For example, the United States page has facts about medal counts, a video, information about specific athletes’ performance in their events, and other interesting articles.  A group project with a number of countries assigned to each group might be a fun activity here, a not-too-difficult group project for early in the year.


Rio Olympics in Language Arts 2


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