Text Structure Activity Sheets with a Climate Theme, Free Resource

Text Structure Activity Sheets - Free Resource

If you’re looking for mini-lessons or quick reviews of the text structures, these free activities from Classroom in the Middle might be just what you need.  The free download from my Teachers Pay Teachers store includes three text structure activity sheets with activities based on photos and reading passages.

Practice with four text structures is provided in the activities.  The text structures addressed are:  descriptive, cause and effect, compare and contrast, and problem and solution.

The content of all three worksheets is climate-themed with photos of climate events such as a flood and a wildfire.  The passages are about kids responding to unexpected weather events.  The writing activity asks students to respond to a photo of young activists carrying signs by writing sentences using different text structures.   Here is what is included in each worksheet.

Activity Sheet 1

  • Descriptive text structure – photo with questions
  • Cause and effect text structure – reading passage with questions

Activity Sheet 2

  • Compare and contrast text structure – Venn Diagram based on photos
  • Problem and solution text structure – reading passage with questions

Activity Sheet 3

  • Writing activity about three text structures of the student’s choice about a photo

And here you can see the activity sheets, which can all be downloaded together (Yes, for FREE!) from my store.  Just click on any of these images of the worksheets.

Practicing or reviewing with text structure activities such as these supports the standards for reading informational text and for identifying and comparing text structures.  With the short passages and photos, kids at a variety of reading levels should enjoy working on these lessons and see success with the activities.

A brief lesson, such as one of these could also be used as an introductory activity before a longer reading with the same text structure.

To follow up, students might be asked to describe other articles or stories that they have read with the same structures.  A scavenger hunt through classroom materials for one of each text structure might also be fun.

Note – Chronological order was not included in this free resource, but all five text structures are addressed at length in my text structure task card sets.  The links below will take you to the previews where you can read more about these sets and see sample cards.

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