Suffix Activities

Suffixes Activity Sheets, from Classroom in the Middle

New from Classroom in the Middle – ten activities all about suffixes!  The ten activities include:

1.Using Suffixes in Words and Sentences

2.Using Suffixes to Sort Parts of Speech

3.Choose Your Suffix – Cut and Paste

4.Identifying Suffixes

5.Make New Words with Suffixes

6.Identify the Prefix, Suffix, and Base

7.Suffix Change Up

8.Suffix Bingo

9.Practice Cards

10.Graffiti Wall of Suffixes

Here are a few samples:


The suffixes used for the activities in this package include the following:  -ism,  -ous,   -ity,   -ty,   -ology,   -ile,   -ible,   -able,   -er,   -or,   -ist,   -ian,   -ion,   -ance,   -ence,   -ful,   -ish,   -ary,   -ory,   -ant,   -ent,     -phobia,   -ate,   -ive,   -ile,   -ment,   -al,   -less,   -ward,   -ic,   -ide,   -ine,   -ize,   and  -yze.

For a closer look, download the preview from my store.

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