Spring Mix – Free Activity Sheets

Spring Mix post

Spring Mix is a set of three free reading activities with spring themes.

The first one, Tulips, focuses on the cause and effect text structure. There is a short reading passage followed by a fill-in chart and a couple of questions. At the bottom of the page, kids will find two little puzzles (a rhyme and a riddle) and  a drawing activity.

Spring Mix Free activity sheets

The second one, Track and Field, is on the topic of sequence of events It has a short reading passage with a follow-up drawing activity followed by rhyme and analogy puzzles.

Spring Mix Free activity sheets

The third activity sheet, Green Eggs, provides practice on fact and opinion and describes a biodegradable Easter product. It has a passage with questions, a quick research activity, a riddle, and an alliteration puzzle.

spring mix free activity sheets

Download all three for free by clicking on one of the images.

Spring Mix Free Resource

Spring  Mix Free Activity sheets

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