Bookmarks, Spring 2023 (Free)

Spring Bookmarks 2023 (Free)

Happy spring!

Here’s a set of spring bookmarks that I just finished putting together. If you would like a set to print and copy for your students, you can download a copy below.

Bookmarks make such neat little prizes or gifts, and with four per page they don’t take a ton of printing. Print them out on cardstock for a longer use. Printing just on paper works too, especially if you’re thinking they will probably be used for just one novel study.

Anyway, my plan for these bookmarks is to make another set from time to time, maybe around certain holidays, and post them all on this website where they will be available any time, so check back for the next one!

Meanwhile, how about a fun spring-themed activity for your classroom? The image shows two of the task cards in my Spring Task Card Set. Each card includes an original, non-fiction reading passage on a topic related to spring, Easter, or various springtime activities. There are 30 cards in total – six on each of the following reading skills:

  • main ideas and supporting details
  • using context clues
  • cause and effect
  • sequence of events
  • fact or opinion

My task cards all come with both a print and a digital version included, and there are two options – the printable PDF with a TPT Easel version, or the printable PDF with a set of Google slides. Here, I’ll show you one of the Spring Google Slides. This particular card has moveable ovals that the students drag to mark their answers to two of the questions and text boxes for them to type their answers to the other two.

Now, back to the bookmarks. Here is the spring set!

Download the bookmarks here:

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