On Sale Today at TPT

Back to School Sale

Just a reminder that TPT’s big sitewide sale has started!  So in case you have items stashed in your shopping just waiting for the right moment – the time is now.  (Or even if you just love browsing through teaching materials while they’re on sale!)

Dates:  August 2-3, 2022

As usual, everything at Classroom in the Middle is included in the sale – at the full discount! (Be sure to use the promo code.)

Promo Code:  BTS22

Double Discounts

Bundles are an especially good deal right now because they are already discounted once, and now discounted again just for the sale!  Here are a few ideas.

Text Structure Task Cards bundle

This one seems to be the most popular, and teachers’ comments say that is is really helpful.  There is also a bigger version which includes not only the task cards but also a slide presentation for each text structure.  You can preview both in the store.

BIG LA Task Card Bundle

This one has such a variety – grammar, vocabulary, writing, editing, figurative language, ,and more.  And there is a whole separate bundle with loads of reading skill task cards (see below)!

Word Power Vocabulary Task Card Bundle

Analogies, word connotations, figurative language, imagery, multiple meaning words – might as well make vocabulary instruction fun!

Story Elements Task Cards Package

Story elements – what language arts or reading teacher doesn’t spend time on these?  The card sets make it easy to practice and review, and they’re also great for individualizing by just selecting specific cards for specific kids.

BIG Reading Task Card Bundle

Here’s the BIG reading bundle  – story elements, text structures, context clues and more.  Also included are some seasonal themed sets just for fun.

So, as I might have already mentioned, if you’re thinking of building up your stash of ready-to-use language arts or reading materials – now is the time!

Back to School Sale

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