Classroom Management Ideas for a Fresh Start

Classroom Management Strategies from Pinterest

Once again, I’ve been sifting through my Pinterest finds -this time in search of interesting ideas for classroom management.  I’ve saved a lot of ideas on my Classroom Management Pinterest board, but here are a few that look especially interesting.

50 Fun Call and Response Ideas  – Call and Responses are simple patterns, phrases or sounds, that the teacher initiates and the class completes.  They are used to get kids attention at the beginning of a whole-group instruction time, or at any other time you want everyone’s attention.  This blog post lists a collection of ideas submitted by numerous teachers.  Some are pretty funny!  A few examples:

Hocus, pocus . . .Time to focus!

Macaroni and cheese . . .Time to freeze!

Flat tire . . .Shhh!

Ready to rock . . .Ready to roll!

Communication in the Middle School Classroom – Suggestions for alternative ways to communicate with middle grade kids.  Some of the ideas include silent responses such as with dry erase boards or sticky notes and silent reminders, such as strategically placed notes and bins.

Ten Classroom Procedures That Will Save Your Sanity – At the beginning of the year, it’s all about routines and procedures –  the more the better!

Brain Breaks– Harness both energy and calmness with these little change-of-pace activities.

For more ideas, including “Ketchup and Pickles,” the Solo Cup activity, and some good suggestions for using Class Dojo, check out my Teacher Resources for the Classroom.

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