Christmas Bookmarks 2023

At home, it’s already the time for holiday shopping, and at school the winter holiday season is arriving fast as well. Maybe you even spent part of last weekend planning holiday-themed activities for your classroom, pulling out last year’s December and January activities to see which ones you want to repeat this year and where you’ll need some new resources.

I have one small item here that you can add to your stash for free – a set of Christmas bookmarks to print and copy for your kiddos. You can download the printable below.

And I’d also like to take a just minute to show you these holiday-themed language arts activities, which are available in my TPT store:

Winter Holiday Task Cards

These cards have fictional and informational passages with topics including Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Years, Chinese New Year, and winter. The reading skills include: making inferences, identifying settings, identifying cause and effect, making predictions, using context clues, and characterization.

This set includes both the printable cards and a digital version on TPT’s Easel. A Google slides version is also available if you prefer.

Christmas Story Studies

These story studies for classic Christmas stories include story questions and two additional activity sheets for each of seven traditional stories for the winter holiday season. The stories are available for free since all of them are in the public domain.

The story questions are text-dependent and focus on Key Ideas and Details, Using Context Clues, and Making Inferences. The activities include work with story elements including characterization, plot, setting, and theme, as well as vocabulary and figurative language in the stories. The questions and activities were designed specifically for each story. You can check out the preview in my TPT store to see the activities for two of the stories, and this picture will give you an idea of a few of them.

Christmas Story Studies

And now, back to those free Christmas bookmarks. You can download them here:

Happy Holidays from Classroom in the Middle!

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