As the End of the Year Approaches

As the End of the Year Approaches

Maybe it’s too early to start writing your “lesson plan” for the last day of school, but that doesn’t mean that teachers (and kids) aren’t already thinking about it!  It’s never to early to daydream a little about the end of the school year – or to start stashing away great ideas for those last days and weeks of school.

In case the subject is in the back of your mind, check out the ideas in Five Ways to Create a Strong Finish to the School Year from the teachers at Middle School Mob.  In the post, you’ll see ideas on a variety of end of year topics, including:

  • Summer practice work to send home
  • End of year reflections
  • Motivators and reinforcements for the final days
  • A legacy project

Here are a few more posts with ideas for this time of year:

  • Anywhere But in School – My guest post for Student Savvy is all about engaging classroom activities for  this in-between season when it’s not really the end of school yet, but the kids are all thinking about it.
  • Spring Word List – This post contains a big list of spring-themed words, useful for lots of games and activities.
  • What to Do About the Summer Slide – Read about ready-to-use, take-home resources for summer review.

So, enjoy these last months or weeks with your kids, and enjoy the thought of some lazy summer days to come!

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