Riding the Tiger – Group Vocabulary Presentations


There are so many good vocabulary words that go with the theme of Eve Bunting’s Riding the Tiger, especially words that have to do with character  qualities.  After reading and discussing the story is a perfect time for a vocabulary activity in which student groups each focus closely on one word.  Here is a list of good choices.  Not every word is in the story, but the idea expressed by each word definitely is!







peer pressure




decision making

For this vocabulary activity, students work in small groups.  Assign one word to each group, or have groups select their words. It would be good if each group had a different word to work on. Give each group a sheet of newsprint or other large paper and some markers.  On their paper, each group should design a four-part graphic organizer in which they present: 1) an example from the story, 2) an example from real life, 3) a dictionary definition, and 4) their own definition. They should also add illustrations.


After creating their graphic organizer, each group should present it to the class.  Since the meanings of the words overlap, there should be some interesting connections to discuss between the posters.


Here is an example of what one poster might look like, but students will probably come up with even more interesting designs!


Riding the Tiger - Respect



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