Back to School Poetry

I’ve been looking for poems that would work great at the beginning of the school, and here’s what I’ve found.  Some are about school, and some are about perennial middle school topics. Some are funny, and some are serious.  Check these out and see if some of them might work for your class, or if you have other favorites for this time of year – I would love to hear about them too!


Back to School Poetry


I found all of these poems online, but of course the terms of each site vary.  Some poems may be available to copy; others may be just for kids to look at on their computers.  Two sources that I can always count on to find interesting school poems are and Giggle Poetry.


Funny School Poems

Sick, by Shel Silverstein

Little Peggy Ann has an endless list of funny excuses why she can’t go to school today – until she finds out that it is Saturday.

The Aliens Have Landed!  by Ken Nesbitt

These aliens are creepy and disgusting, and yes, they’re working in your school as teachers!

My Teacher Sees Right Through Me, by Bruce Lansky

The school day can be difficult when your teacher is also your dad.


Serious Poems with Good Themes for the Beginning of the Year

Mother to Son, by Langston Hughes    

It’s all about perseverance and not giving up.

We Real Cool, by Gwendolyn Brooks  

Are they really “real cool”?

The Young Poets of Winnipeg, by Naomi Shihab Nye    

To be creative, just think like a second grader.


Funny Poems with Classic Middle School Topics

Love Struck, by Amy S. Mullins

The girls are in love, but the boys aren’t liking it!

Gym Class, by Neal Levin

Read about the locker room in smelly detail.


Serious Poems with Classic Middle School Topics

Oranges, by Gary Soto

This one’s about a sweet moment with twelve year olds on a first date, and a thoughtful adult.

An Ode to My Locker, by ElKay, a teen author on the Teen Ink site

This is a teen’s tribute to school lockers, which he describes as the only thing in school that doesn’t judge him.


Back to School Poetry - favorite poems


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