Writing Prompts Based on Quotes (Free)

Writing Prompts Based on Quotes


Here are some illustrated writing prompts based on quotes on a variety of topics.  These are prompts that were previously posted individually on this website – maybe they’ll be more useful all in one place.  Also see my recently posted collections of narrative, informational, and opinion prompts (all in the Story Starter section of this blog).


Quote Prompts




Churchill Quote

Attitudes aren’t just positive or negative. You’ve probably heard of a winning attitude and a can-do attitude.  In fact, there are many different attitudes that we can choose to take on to begin our day. How about a caring attitude, a thoughtful attitude, or an energetic attitude?  Which attitude do you like to have when you know that you have a busy school day ahead?  Why did you choose this attitude?  Can you explain?  Can you also give an example?  To follow up on this quote from Winston Churchill, how could attitude make a big difference in your day?



You’re Right.

Henry Ford Quote

In this quote, Henry Ford seemed to be saying that two opposite things are right.  How can that be true?  Can you explain this quote?



Small Step or Giant Leap

Armstrong Quote

Think of another situation that started with a small step, but turned into something important. Describe the small step and explain why it was also a big leap.



Stephen Hawking Quote

Explain this quote and give several examples of how being adaptable to change is an important skill.


Why Go to School?

Herbert Spencer QUote

Do you agree or disagree?  Explain.


For more writing prompts, in a ready-to-use PowerPoint format, check out these resources from my store, Classroom in the Middle.  Each PowerPoint is also available individually.


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