Women’s History Month Biographies

Women's History Month Biographies fb


Women’s History Month is a great time for biographies, especially now that there is lots of great informational text about women leaders available in all subject areas – Literature, Science, Math, History, Art, and on and on!  Maybe this would be a good month to have students choose a few of these people that they haven’t studied before and do some quick research.


That was my idea when I put together this set of writing prompt cards, which are designed as mini-research/writing  task cards.  Each card begins with a few sentences about the accomplishments of one notable woman.  It might be enough to get kids interested in someone they haven’t chosen to read about before.  That is followed by a writing prompt about her life or field of work.  Each prompt was written specifically about that one person to make them more interesting and to help the kids get into their research.


There are thirty-six cards in this set – plenty for individual or group assignments and to stock couple of centers.  The women chosen for the cards are from a variety of time periods and known for their accomplishments in a variety of disciplines.


You might choose to have students scan a number of cards and then choose one of interest to research.  Another option could be to have kids do quick research to “answer” a certain number of cards – more like answering a few essay questions than completing a full writing assignment.


If you are interested, check out the preview here for a better look at the cards.

Women Leaders - topic cards


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Women's History Month Biographies


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