Vocabulary Game for Prefixes, Suffixes, and Roots

Vocabulary Game


This is a great idea for a card game to review prefixes, suffixes, and roots that I found on ReadWriteThink.  Kids play the game in small groups, and it plays just like the old card game of rummy, but instead of matching numbers or suits on ordinary playing cards, they match a prefix, a suffix, and a root to make a word.  Each time they lay down three cards to make a word, they earn points, just like in the regular card game.


The best part is that the cards are provided for you right on the ReadWriteThink site.  There are five pages of cards to print out, and there is also a nice chart of all the words that can be made from the cards with the meaning of the prefix, suffix, and root for each word.  The game is called Make-a-Word.


I’ve found lots of good ideas on this site, and they provide printables and other resources to go with them.  This card game looked like a fun activity for the end of the school year.


If you are interested in more resources to teach prefixes suffixes, and roots, and other vocabulary skills, check out the vocabulary section of my Teachers Pay Teachers store or click on one of the images below and see the preview for more details.


Update:  Check out the newest vocabulary resource from  own store, a collection of games, foldables, and other fun activities for prefixes.  (Suffixes and roots are in the words!)    Here’s a photo of one of the activities.

Metric Puzzle Pieces for Prefix Activities



Latin and Greek Roots Package     Suffixes Package     Prefixes Package

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