Did you ever spend time racking your brains trying to come up with a new, fun activity for your kids – only to realize that they would be just as happy shooting paper balls at the trash can?  Trashball was a perennial favorite of many of the boys in my classes.  And, luckily for me, it can be worked into any academic activity that involved answering questions.  Perfect for end-of-year review or extension activities!


Want to see if your kids really read that reading passage?  No problem.  Pass out a few small pieces of scrap paper to each kid, and get started.  Ask one question at a time, and explain what type of response you are looking for.  (Answers that require writing a few sentences work good for middle grade kids.)  When they finish writing their answer, have the kids bring up their scrap paper for a quick check.  If correct, they get to shoot a basket; if not – back to their desk to revise. To limit the number of kids running back and forth, have the kids work in groups and take turns shooting.  A scoreboard posted on the whiteboard lets the kids keep score as they go.


This time of year is the perfect time to pull out all of those favorite games that maybe you haven’t had time for yet.  With this age group,active games never get old.  For the final weeks of school, consider games that involve –

  • moving around the room
  • calling out responses
  • competition
  • group work


Another go-to favorite is “I Have . . .Who Has . . ?” games.  Here are a two examples from my TPT store.


I Have Who Has - Prefixes and Suffixes


I Have Who Has LA Review


However you are spending these last weeks of school  (If they ARE the last weeks of school where you teach), I hope you and your kids are enjoying them!  Then it’s on to a well-deserved rest . . .









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