Text Structures, Thirteen Ideas

Thirteen Ideas for Teaching Text Structures

Text Structures, Thirteen Ideas


Since I’ve been working on resources for teaching text structures, I thought I would also check out blog posts for more ideas about teaching these reading skills. Here are some that I liked.  These are from a variety of blogs, and they offer interesting choices of text structure lessons for middle school or upper elementary reading and language arts classes.


Text Structure Posts

  • This one, from The Owl Teacher, uses think-alouds and sorting activities, both whole class and individual, to teach text structures.



  • This lesson, from Teaching with a Mountain View, uses a carousel activity and a foldable.



  • Here, The Classroom Key discusses ways to incorporate text structure practice into close reading lessons.



  • This Reading Mama stresses the value of teaching text structures to improve overall reading comprehension. Her post includes graphic organizers for both fiction and non-fiction structures.



  • This post, from The Teacher Next Door, includes a list of mentor texts that includes each of five text structures.



  • This Scholastic text structure lesson  provides an introduction to text structures with clues to identifying each one.



  • Cult of Pedagogy  writes about the importance of teaching text structures and includes a video of teaching ideas and links to more resources.



  • This lessons from NEA includes a helpful chart with descriptions, examples, and signal words for each structure.



  • Here are some ideas for using movie clips to teach text structures, from Literacy for Big Kids.



  • This post from my blog, Classroom in the Middle, describes each of my text structure resources, including task cards and slide presentations for five text structures.


Practicing the Text Structures


  • This one from my blog is about teaching the chronological order text structure.


Teaching Text Structures with Story Elements


  • This one, also mine, is about teaching the cause and effect text structure.


Cause and effect - Teaching the Text Structure


  • And this is my post about teaching the compare and contrast text structure.


Compare and Contrast - Teaching the Text Structure


I hope that you’ve found some ideas that you might be able to use here, or maybe a new twist on a teaching idea that you already use in your lessons.  If you have blog posts with a ideas to share, you are welcome to add the links in the comment section below.  I would love to read them.


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