The 2016 Election in Language Arts



Once every four years, language arts teachers get this great opportunity to use tons of interesting and very current new text in their English classroom.  It’s called the presidential election.  There is so much out there – some strictly informational text, and lot of it persuasive text!  The only problem is that there’s so much out there, and not all of it is interesting to kids, or what you might want them to read in the classroom!


I’ve looked through as assortment of these sources and chosen some that I think would be good bets for language arts lessons.  The choices range from reports by kid reporters, to information put out by the candidates themselves, to a fun article about the meanings of colors (election red and blue, and other colors too).  For some good classroom resources, check it out in my guest post for What I Have Learned – The 2016 Presidential Election in Language Arts.  In that post, you’ll also find a FREE close reading activity about the historical fight for women’s suffrage.

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