Thanksgiving Similes

thanksgiving similes-two-free-activity-sheets


Here are two FREE activity sheets that I thought you might like for your language arts lessons this holiday season.  Both are Thanksgiving themed, and both will provide your students with practice recognizing and using similes.


The first  activity, I Am Thankful For, gives students a number of categories to spark ideas of things that they are thankful for along with an example in each category.  For example, one category is “People Who Made a Difference,”  and students might fill in the name of a family member, friend, or teacher.  The other categories are:

Days I Will Remember

Help I Won’t Forget

Everyday Things



Special Gifts

Special Things

The second part of the activity asks students to choose a few of their ideas and write a simile to illustrate why each one is something they are thankful for.  An example is given for this part as well to get the kids started.


The second activity, So Much to Be Thankful For, provides similes about Thanksgiving time activities for students to explain.  Click on either image to download this free activity.


thanksgiving similes-two-free-activity sheets

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