Task Cards – A Versatile Resource

Task cards come in handy in so many situations!  It’s great to have a few sets standing by to pull out of your desk drawer at a moments notice, and of course they are also a part of many planned, interactive lesson components.


Some task cards have a very brief assignment, maybe just one question per card.  Others provide a longer activity or a set of several questions, enough for students to sit down and work on for a while.  The task cards with brief assignments, also called question cards, are great for certain assignments, while the task cards with longer assignments are great for others.


Cards with just one question per card are perfect for board games.  You can use them with any game that requires students to answer a question correctly before they move.  Question cards are also perfect for fill-in questions at the end of class, bonus questions for extra points or prizes, and even for quiz questions for a “pop quiz.”


Longer task cards are even more versatile.  You can use them for any type of class competition where groups or individuals compete to finish first or to get the most correct.  They are good for openers, and they can be copied for exit slips.  Theses task cards are a good length for partner work or group work, and for individuals who finish their main assignment early.


Either type of cards can be used to review topics to help students retain the information they have learned.


Here is a sample card from my Parts of Speech Task Card Set which is available in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store at http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Classroom-In-The-Middle:


Parts of Speech Task Cards Slide 2-



And one from my Characterization Kids set:


Characterization Kids - Slide 3



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