Starting with Stories – Classroom Charts 3

Starting with Stories - mini-posters


Here are the final two posters in my “Starting with Stories” set; these two are about conflict and plot.  The conflict poster defines conflict and lists basic conflicts, such as individual versus individual, individual versus nature, and so on.  The plot poster defines plot and includes a plot diagram demonstrating the arc of a story with rising action, falling action, etc.  You can download these two posters for free here: Conflict, Plot.


Conflict, Story Elements Poster


Plot, Story Elements Poster


Previous posters in this set, which appeared in recent posts, include : story elements, characterization, setting, and theme. The images at the bottom of this post include links that you can follow to download those posters as well – also for free.


To see more resources for teaching story elements, check out my TPT store, also called Classroom in the Middle.  There you will find a story elements introductory PowerPoint, graphic organizers, novel studies, task cards, and more.


Update: You can now download the full set of free posters from my TPT store.  Just click on this image:

Story Elements Poster Set - FREE


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Starting with Stories - MIni Posters 3

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  1. CS Calkins says:

    Nice detailed charts!!! Many thanks for linking up at 4th Grade Frolics Monday Made It!!

  2. Thanks for the freebies; terrific posters!

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