Seven Goal-Setting Ideas for the New Year

Seven Goal-Setting Ideas for the New Year

Seven Goal-Setting Ideas for the New Year fb


The beginning of a new year is a time for setting goals.  Whether it is for personal New Years resolutions or for student goals for the new term, January is a time for thinking about what we want to accomplish next, and even more importantly, how we are going to accomplish it.


After looking through my Pinterest collection and my own resources, I’ve pulled out a few ideas that look engaging and right on track for this time of year.  There are activities, classroom decorations, a small gift for kids – just some fun things for those first days back to school after the winter holidays!


A Simple Goal – Spreading Kindness

This post is from a blogger, Kindnessgirl, after her visit to a high school where a You Are Lovable campaign was in progress.  Check out the photo of the “Give What You Can, Take What You Need” bulletin board.


A Little Gift for the New Year

It’s the messages attached to each each one that make these ordinary pencils into special gifts for the New Year.  See a photo here at A Day in the Life of Miss Kranz.


A Wish

Smart Goals are great and useful, but just wishing can be wonderful too.  Check out the student poem and the dandelion craft on the bulletin board in this lovely image saved by Chrisandrhiannon Price.


Setting Smart Goals

This Setting Smart Goals article for small businesses includes a goal-setting chart that would make a great bulletin board display for the classroom in January.  It includes details like steps along the way, effects of setting goals, and possible problems along the way.


First Day Goal Setting

First Day Goal Setting is an activity (and door decoration) that was originally designed for young students at the beginning of the school year from Second Grade Thrills. But it would work just as well for upper grade levels and would make a great starter activity for the return to school after the winter holidays.  The finished product posted on the classroom door looks great, and older kids would add an even more creative touch!


You can see images of all of the activities mentioned above, along with lots of others on my Winter Holidays Pinterest board.


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Seven Goal-Setting Ideas for the New Year


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