Scavenger Hunt on a Kid-Favorite Site

Scavenger Hunt on a Kid-Favorite Site


Do you have kids who don’t really like to read and head for the Guinness Book of World Records every time you go to the library?  I always had a few, so I thought why not make use of this interest in trivial facts by having kids do a little research into world records.  Research using informational text – it’s right on target.


There is also a Guinness Book website that is easy to use both for making up a list of questions and for finding the answers.  That’s what I used to come up with the list of ten trivia questions below.  These are easy questions; students don’t have to read far to answer each one, but there is enough information in many of the articles that you could easily make up a search where kids need to read a little further down into the articles to locate the answers.  In case you would like to use these questions for a quick activity with your kids, I’ve included a list of answers at the end.


World Records Scavenger Hunt

1.  What is the highest jump by a dog?

2.  What is the largest number of coins stacked in one minute?

3.  What is the most dangerous kind of shark?

4.  What is the diameter of the biggest snowball ever?

5.  How big was the largest chocolate bar?

6.  How big was the smallest unicycle ever ridden?

7.  How long did the longest roller coaster ride last?

8.  What is the largest number of marshmallows caught by chopsticks?

9.  How long was the longest successful basketball shot?

10.  Where did the biggest snowball fight take place?


Answer Key

1.  68 inches

2.   69

3.  white shark

4.   10.45 feet

5.   1, 102 square feet (the largest one by area)

6.  11.81 inches high

7.   405 hours

8.  31

9.   112 feet

10.   Seattle, WA (5834 people)


If you are interested in informational text resources for your classroom, check out the informational text section of my TPT store where you will find lots of choices such as this one about St. Patrick’s Day.


St. Patrick's Day informational text


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