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Opinion, Argument, Persuasive Writing Prompts



Here are the opinion, argument, or persuasive prompts that I’ve posted individually at one time or another,  all combined into one handy post now!  The prompts are all designed with middle grade kids in mind.   In addition to writing essays, the topics include creating a flyer and writing dialog.  Hope you find some of these free prompts useful for your classes!


Opinion, Argument, or Persuasive Prompts


The Best Game

Write about your favorite non-video game.  You might choose a board game like Monopoly or Clue.  Or you might choose another type of game that you can buy like Jenga or Twister.  You could even choose a game that you don’t need to buy at a store like Tic-Tac-Toe or Charades.  Whatever game you choose, explain the what the game is about, the object of the game, and how to play.  Then explain the reasons why you chose this one as your favorite.  Try to convince your readers that it is game they would love to play too!


Year-Round School

What do you think of year-round school?  Would you enjoy going to school all year with a few-weeks’ break each season?  Or do you like the school year the way it is now with one long summer break?  Which way do you think students would learn more?  Which would be better for family vacations?  Write about your choice.  Tell why you like it better, and tell why the other choice might not be so good.


Cell Phone Rules

Suppose that your school does allow cell phones in school, but that sometimes those cell phones cause problems.  You have been asked to come up with a list of rules for cell phone usage. Think about the features of a cell phone that could be put to productive use in a school, and also think about the features of a cell phone that could cause problems. Write a set of cell phone rules for your school that you think would be fair to everyone, and most importantly, explain the reasons for these new rules so that other students will agree to follow them.


Lawn Mowing and Baby Sitting

It is the middle of July, and all of the summer jobs at fast food places and mall stores have been taken.  But you really want to earn some money – your friends are planning a trip to a big amusement park, and the admission is about fifty dollars!  How can you earn the money? Your dad says that there is always work to be had if you know how to find it. He says that there are always neighbors who have jobs waiting to be done, such as mowing their lawn or babysitting their kids.

So how do you go about getting one of these jobs? How do you let your neighbors know that you are available and willing to work?  How do you convince them to hire you? Create a flyer that will convince neighbors to hire you! Include information that will appeal to your neighbors telling about the services that you will offer and your qualifications.


Did You Talk Your Parents Into It Yet?

Suppose that there is something that you want to do with your friends, but your parents have said, “No.”  Maybe you want to camp out, spend the day at an amusement park, or host a sleepover.  Or maybe you have another idea.  How would you talk your parents into changing their minds?  What persuasive arguments would you use to convince them?  Write an imaginary conversation between you and your parents in which you talk them into changing their minds.  Be sure to use quotation marks and speaker tabs as you write your conversation.


I Need New Clothes

Suppose that you need new clothes for school.  Yes, your old clothes still fit, but other kids always notice when you wear the same old things over and over, and sooner or later someone will make a comment.  Minimum, you need some new jeans and a few new tops, and hopefully a pair of shoes in more up-to-date colors, too.  How will you convince your parents to let you do some clothes shopping?  You know they are going to say something like, “Money doesn’t grow on trees,” and you can understand that, but clothes are just essential for school.  More important, for instance, than that family weekend in the mountains that Mom keeps talking about.  How will you talk them into putting some money towards new school clothes instead of a family weekend?  What will you say to convince them?


Why I Should Win the Free Trip

Enter (this imaginary contest) to win big!  Win a trip for you and ten of your friends to the  most fun destination that you can imagine!  Here’s how:

  • First, decide where you would like to go. Where would be the most fun vacation that you can imagine?
  • Next, write an essay that will convince the contest judges to choose you and your ten friends for this trip. It’s that simple!  Write an essay that will wow the judges, and you and your friends could be boarding a bus, boat, or plane soon to depart on a fantastic vacation that only you could imagine.

Be sure that your essay is persuasive — that means that it will really convince the judges!  Tell why you want to go, why this place is so special, and most important of all, why the judges should choose YOU!


I’ll follow up next with prompts for narrative and explanatory/informative writing as well as a set of picture prompts!


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Opinion, Argument, Persuasive Writing Prompts

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