Making Inferences Practice

Making inferences is one of the most difficult reading skills that middle grade students need to master.  It involves higher level thinking skills and requires students to put their background knowledge to use and make connections between things that they have read.


Practicing with short passages can help your students become more proficient at making inferences and be ready to put those skills to good use when reading a story or a novel. Here is an example from my inferencing task cards.  I’ve included lots of these short passages, each with several questions, in my task card set because this type of practice is most like the type of inferencing that students will do when reading stories in class.


Inferences slide 2


But sometimes, students need a change of pace, and so I’ve also included several other types of inferencing activities that include charts, photos, and even road signs.


Inferences slide 4

Inferences slide 3

Inferences slide 5



Altogether, there are 30 task cards in the set, called Thinking Caps – plenty for centers or a game like Scoot or Footloose. Here is the link where you can download the preview file if you would like to see how they print out.


Inference Task Cards - Thinking Caps


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