LOTS of Inauguration Day Freebies at #kindnessnation

Kindness Nation Freebies for Inauguration Day


Bring out some positive spirit in your classroom with a selection of these MANY Inauguration Day FREEBIES.  No politics, just positive topics that teachers are seeing a need for this election season.  Look through all of the free choices on TPT at #kindnessnation.


Here are some of the topics considered:

-Understanding our Branches of US Government and the US Constitution
-History of civil rights movements, including suffrage
-Envronmental issues including climate change
-Critical thinking and examining media bias
-Kindness, empathy, compassion
-Equality and inclusion for all people
-Understanding and respecting of cultural differences


Classroom in the Middle’s contribution is the informational text activity shown here about the peaceful transition of power.

Info Text - Peaceful Transition of Power FREE

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