Informative, Explanatory, and Descriptive Writing Prompts (Free)

Informative, Explanatory, and Descriptive Writing Prompts



Here are my  informative,  explanatory, and descriptive prompts from previous posts, as promised!  The prompts are all designed with middle grade kids in mind.   The selections include compare and contrast, create a design, and how-tos.



Informative, Explanatory, and Descriptive Prompts


Deadly Storms

Compare a hurricane and a blizzard.  How are they the same?  How are they different?  Use your own background knowledge, or do a little research, to include information such as where each type of storm occurs, what time of year each one occurs, and how each one affects the people, places, and things in its paths. You might also want to include suggestions for how to prepare for a hurricane and for a blizzard.


If Only I Could Drive

Write a paragraph comparing two kinds of cars, or other vehicles, which you would like to drive someday.  Include descriptive details that your readers can use to compare the two vehicles.  You might want include in your essay which one of the two you like the best, but mainly  concentrate on presenting information that can be used to compare and contrast the two vehicles.


Backpack Design

Design a backpack, or another type of school bag, that would be perfect for carrying everything that you need for a day in school.  First, make a drawing, showing the inside details such as pockets and dividers.  Then draw and color the outside, making it just the way you would really want it to look.  Finally, write a descriptive paragraph with all of the details.


Stage Costume

Design a stage costume for a famous singer or actor.  First, draw your ideas.  Then, write a paragraph describing the outfit in detail.  Tell what type of show the outfit will be used for, and include specifics such as materials, shapes, colors, graphics, and accessories.


Best Ride Ever

Did you arrive at school today aboard a yellow school bus? Or maybe you got a ride here by car?  Or a city bus?  But what if you really had a choice? Suppose that you could design your own transportation!  What would it be?  What would  your perfect ride-to-school vehicle look like?  What features would it have?  Who would drive it, and who would ride with you?  First, draw a picture of your ideal school transportation vehicle, and then write a descriptive paragraph in which you give all the details of this perfect ride.


Recipe for an Awesome Snack

What is your favorite snack that you can prepare for yourself?  Popcorn prepared  a certain way, your own blend of trail mix, frozen yogurt dressed up like an ice cream sundae? These are just a few ideas, but what snack do you like to prepare for a real treat?  Write the recipe for your perfect snack including a list of ingredients and step-by-step directions.


Archaeological Dig

Choose three items in the classroom.  Then, pretend that you are an archaeologist and the time is five hundred years in the future.  You have just unearthed these three items, but they don’t look like anything that you recognize today.  Describe the three artifacts in detail, and explain who you think might have used them.  Tell what you think each artifact might have been used for.


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