Informational Text Skills

Informational Text Skills

Informational Text Skills


Today’s students are surrounded by an immense amount of information,  quantities of information that teachers of the past wouldn’t have even dreamed of, but all of these resources are of little use if the students don’t have the skills to use them.  That’s why informational text skills are so important in today’s classroom.  The more students can learn about reading closely and using their skills to extract meaning from text, the better they will do in the school years ahead of them.


Skills like using text features and text structures are invaluable.  So are basic comprehension skills such as using the context, identifying cause and effect,  identifying themes and main ideas, and combining what they’ve just read with what they already know.  By practicing these skills individually, students can be well-prepared to put the skills to use when reading longer articles.


That’s what my short informational text resources are all about.  Each one consists of a one page reading set up like a magazine page, one page of questions, and a one-page graphic organizer.  The format of the reading page is designed to appeal to kids and to provide a variety of text features for the kids to work with.  The text dependent questions and the graphic organizer focus on text features and text structures, as well as specific comprehension skills.


Many of these resources are seasonal or holiday themed, such as Pumpkin Patch Weekend and Saint Patrick’s Day, to provide practice at various times throughout the year.  To see previews, click on any of the images below, or visit the Informational Text section of my Teachers Pay Teachers store for more choices.


Pumpkin Patch info text


Earth Day Info Text


Sports in fo text - cover







I’ve posted one of these resources as a FREEBIE so that you can try it and see what you think.  You can download it here:

Let It Snow - FREE



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