Idioms, and More Idioms

I’ve been working on idioms, and I’ve ended up with three new resources – all about idioms. All three of these resources are for sale in my Teachers Pay Teachers store now.

Idioms Task Cards – FLYING PIGS is a set of thirty half-page task cards that provide students with various types of practice identifying and understanding the meaning of idioms. The Idioms are presented in sentences to provide context. With these cards, students work with idioms to complete the following activities: 
Fill in the missing word 
Draw the literal meaning
Identify and define the idiom 
Match idioms to their meanings 
Use idioms in a sentence 
Search for idioms, and
Understand the concept of “idiom” 

Also included as an easy reference for teachers is a big list of idioms and their meanings.

Idioms task cards

The I Have . . . Who Has . . ? Idioms (Flying Pigs) game is a great way to review idioms. Each question features one idiom used in context. I Have . . .Who Has . . ? is an interactive activity in which every student in the class participates.

The game consists of 28 question cards, plus 4 blank cards, so that you can write in your own questions if you wish. The cards are arranged 4 to a page, and directions and an answer key are included.

I Have Who Has Idioms

Idioms, Proverbs, and Adages – Flying Pigs and Barking Dogs is a twenty-seven slide PowerPoint presentation that introduces the concepts of idioms, proverbs, and adages and provides practice identifying idioms, proverbs, and adages and understanding their meaning. All of the idioms, proverbs, and adages are used in sentences to provide context.

The final two slides include one page of interactive notes that can be printed out in advance for students to complete as they view the PowerPoint and a completed page of notes.

The main focus is on understanding the meanings of the idioms, proverbs, and adages. The first half of the PowerPoint is about idioms, and the second half is about proverbs (or adages).  

Idioms and Proverbs ppt

And yes, task cards called Barking Dogs (or proverbs) will be my next project.

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