I Have . . .Who Has . .?

For a review game that gets the whole class involved, try “I Have . . .Who Has . .?”  It’s easy to make, works with nearly any content, and gets the whole class involved.


The only materials that you will need are a set of question and answer cards – preferably one or two cards per student, but if  you have more or less cards in your set, you can make that work too.


To make your own card set, begin by writing one question on the bottom half of a card.  (Save the top half of this first card for later.)  Write the question in this format: “Who has . . .?”


On the next card, write the answer to your first question on the top half, and write a new question on the bottom half.  Use this format: top half – “I have (answer to the first question)”, bottom half – “Who has (new question)?”


Continue making cards with the answer to each question on the top half of the next card, and a new question on the bottom half.  Write the answer to the final question on the top half of that first card that you left blank.


To set up  the game, pass out cards to every student.  If necessary, some students can share, or you can give two cards to some students.  Pass out all of the cards.


To play, have one student read the question from the bottom half of his card, “Who has . .?”   Then, whichever student has the card with the correct answer reads his card, first giving the correct answer and then reading a new question: “I Have  . . . Who has . .?”


Play continues until the final answer is read by the student who began the game.  The object of the game can be to complete a round with no errors, or you can play to beat the time of a previous game.


For some ready-made “I Have  . . .Who Has . .?” games, check out these in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.


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