Four Free Collections of Writing Prompt

Four Free Collections of Writing Prompts fb


Over the years I’ve posted lots of writing prompts – some narrative, some opinion or argument, and some informative or explanatory.  So last year, I decided to group the prompts in each category together into one post.  This year, I decided to take my organizing one step further and post, in one place, links to all three of these posts (plus a link to a little collection of prompts based on quotes).


So here it is!  Click on each of the four links below to find writing prompts in that category that you are welcome to use in your classroom.  The prompts would work well for journal writing as well as for longer “writing process” assignments.


Narrative Prompts

This set of six prompts includes both prompts for fictional narratives and personal narratives.


Narrative Writing Prompts


Informative/Explanatory Prompts

Seven prompts on a variety of informational topics.


InformativeWriting Prompts


Opinion/Argument Prompts

Seven more prompts, this time for persuasive writing.


Opinion Writing Prompts


Prompts Based on Quotes

Five prompts, each based on a quote, with great themes for middle grade kids.


Writing Prompts Based on Quotes


If you’re interested in larger sets of prompts, ready to use without any copying, check out the prompt set from my store Classroom in the Middle,  shown below.  The prompts are each shown separately on attractive slides with directions and enough description to get students started.  UPDATE:  Now included in the set is a collection of picture prompts for even more options – a total of 100 prompts in all divided among the objectives of writing narratives, informative essays, and opinion/argument pieces.


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Four Free Collections of Writing Prompts

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