Favorite History-Related Picture Books

Picture books are great for introducing a new topic or time period in history!  They also provide a great tie-in between language arts, or reading, and history.  Here are three of my favorite history-related picture books.

Three favorite history pic books



The Wall  is a fictional story about a boy and his father visiting the Vietnam Wall. Duke Ellington is,of course, biographical and also provides s a great backdrop for the jazz age. Arrow to the Sun is a retelling of a Pueblo Indian myth.



All three books have great illustrations, each in a very different, distinctive style – The Wall with its soft, quiet watercolors, Arrow to the Sun with its bold geometric designs, and Duke Ellington with its active scenes and intense colors.  Each of these books is sure to help kids relate to  and appreciate the time period they are studying.


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  1. Jasmine Hall says:

    I wanted to read those and see about them. I love adding books into my collection.

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