Back to School Word Puzzles

Word Puzzles make a great introductory activity for a Language Arts class.  They are fun, they get the kids involved, and they also get the kids interested in words!  That’s what this Back to School PowerPoint presentation is all about-five kinds of word puzzles to get the kids interacting and thinking about words right from the start!


BTS Word Puzzles - using fun word puzzles as a beginning-of-the-year activity, from Classroom in the Middle



I’ve included five kinds of word puzzles, all with a back-to-school theme.    The five kinds include riddles, rhymes, analogies, alliteration, and words to unscramble.


For each type of puzzle, there are five individual puzzles, arranged one per slide – perfect for a whole-class interactive activity.  Check them out in my Teachers Pay Teachers store along with other back-to-school activities, as well as close reading activities, task cards, and more.


Back to School Word Puzzles PowerPoint -five kinds of puzzles with a back-to-school theme


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