Autumn Reads

Two picture books that I love to pull out this time of year are Look What I Did With a Leaf! by Morteza E. Sohi and Arrow to the Sun by Gerald McDermott. The first one is all about fall crafts, and the second is a Native American tale.
Fav Fall Pic Bks
Look What I Did With a Leaf! starts by introducing various types of leaves and the shapes of each. The illustrations of animals created entirely from leaves are very artistic, but directions are given so that kids can easily make their own versions.
Arrow to the Sun tells the traditional story of a boy who becomes an arrow and travels to the sun to find his father. He finds him, endures trials to prove that he is really the son, and finally returns to Earth where he is greeted by celebrations. It is enhanced by the illustrations in bold colors and Native American designs. In fact, these illustrations might inspire another fall craft project using colors and shapes from the book.
For a fall teaching idea from my Teachers Pay Teachers store, see my Autumn Reading Comprehension Task Cards:
Autumn RC Task Cards

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