Task Card Finds

I’ve been spending a little time checking out some of the finds that I’ve saved on Pinterest, and so today I’m looking at pins on my Task Cards for Middle Grades board, and linking with Inspired Owl’s Corner for Pick Three.


Task Card Finds - some useful pins about task cards







One interesting pin about various uses for task cards links to a blog post called “15 Ways to Use Task Cards” from Kesler Science.  It has a list of task card uses that looks like it could come in really handy.  The list includes everyday class activities, uses for individual students, and games. One of the activity uses two sets of the same task cards and has pairs of students sit back to back, solve the question on the card, and compare answers before moving on to the rest of the class activity.  In another, students answer task cards posted around the room,with the catch being that the cards are posted in inconspicuous places and students get to hunt for each one.



This pin about the popular task card game Scoot links to a video tutorial presented by Learning Lab Resources.  The video shows a class demonstrating just how to play this engaging game, and the post includes teacher cues to keep the game running smoothly.



And this pin about keeping all those task cards organized is from Task Card Corner.  It provides photos of lots of useful classroom storage ideas for task cards including over-the-doors shoe storage containers and mini photo albums!


And One More

Totally Terrific Task Cards, from the Teachers Pay Teachers Blog, discusses uses of task cards, not only for elementary classrooms, but also for middle school, high school, special education, and subjects as diverse as foreign languages and art.


Task Card Finds - some great pins about task cards


This board is just one of my Pinterest collections, and I’m adding new pins all the time.  Check out my Pinterest page for all kinds of ideas about teaching middle grade students, English Language Arts, and even craft and holiday ideas, and if you are interested in some new task cards, check out the task card section in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

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  1. Marissa says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the task card info and linking up! They are my students’ favorite way to learn! 🙂

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